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李云飞是一位目前根据在布里斯托尔的 Spike Island,一个影响力丰厚的艺术教学空间和当代艺术美术馆,和 University of the West of England的记者和艺术家。他和英国各地,特别在布里斯托尔的文化机构,博物馆和剧院,拥有合作关系。 他曾经在数个领导的媒体发表过自己的写作,比如金融时报(the Financial Times), 艺术时报 ( The Art Newspaper) 和 The Guardian. 他在英国和中国策划过一些展览,并且在各种大学举办过演讲,其中包括英国的Manchester School of Art 和 Goldsmith University ,中国的复旦大学,浙江大学,上海美术学院和澳大利亚的University of Western Australia 。

他为根据在伦敦的艺术时报(The Art Newspaper) 当过十年的亚洲通讯员。




Liyunfei is based at Spike Island, a large contemporary art academic workspace and contemporary art museum on the harbour front in central Bristol, UK. He is based at the University of the West of England (UWE)

Liyunfei is also embedded with various cultural institutions, museums and theatres in Bristol and further around the UK.

Liyunfei works as an artist, curator and art journalist. His writing is published in various leading media such as The Financial Times, The Art Newspaper and The Guardian. He has curated exhibitions in the UK and China. He has lectured on modern art at various universities such as Goldsmiths University, The University of Western Australia, Shanghai Fine Arts University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Manchester School of Art, etc.

For 10 years he was the Asia Correspondent for London based The Art Newspaper.

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